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Two-Way electric switches, & how they work.

Electric switches are one of the oldest electric devices that have gone through a lot of development over time. One of the most important technologies used in switches two-way electric switch, which allows controlling the same device from more than one location. This type of electrical switch is widely used in staircases, large halls, mosques, and warehouses.

How does the Two-Way electric switch works?

Unlike one-way switches that operate using only one electrical channel, a two-way switch operates using two electrical channels, which allows the user to turn off the electrical current to the device from more than one location. For an instance, you can install the first switch on the ground floor and another switch on the upper floor, and connect the two switches to the same device, which allows controlling the device from two different locations.

To summarise, One-way switches allow controlling the electrical device from one location, and two-way switches allow you to control the electrical device from two different locations.

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